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Where are Component Threshold Operators in the Database?

I am working on a query to get all information about an apm component from the database, but cannot get the threshold operators (<, <=, !=, etc...)

I can get the thresholds from either the APM_AlertsAndReportsData table or the APM_ThresholdsByComponent table, but neither have the operators, and the APM_Threshold table only shows operators for really old components, I am guessing it is legacy.

Attached is the sql query I have so far. The fields I am trying to fill are PercentCPUThresholdOperatior, Percent MemoryThresholdOperator, PercentVirtualMemoryThresholdOperator, etc...

Any help would be great, thanks.

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thresholds are stored in APM_Threshold table. This table contains thresholds for both templates and components. 

Please note column 'IsTemplate' - it indicates if column 'ID' contains Component ID (from table APM_Component) or component template ID (from table APM_ComponentTemplate)

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