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WMI Requirements for Server 2019

Hello Solarwinds -

Does a document exist on what ports need to be open on a Server 2019 firewall to allow WMI to communicate?  I have been searching and have not found anything that mentions this. I have found this page - but it really does not have what I am looking for.  We just started deploying Server 2019 and it looks like there are changes to the firewall and network discovery is not automatically adding 2019 servers to Solarwinds.  I have found lots of articles that talk about various things that are needed but not a concrete document.  I know it is the Windows Firewall because when I disable it Solarwinds can connect. I have added PING to the firewall and UDP and TCP ports 1024 to 65535 to it as well and no go. Thanks -Dave

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Windows Firewall has a set of built-in rules you can use:


Annotation 2020-05-12 230527.jpg

Make sure they're enable for the proper firewall profile (probably domain) and should be good to go

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