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Does anyone have a query that will give me a volume description but drops the \ on the drive letter. I am sending a JSON and the \ in the drive description is causing it to fail. Please let me know if I make no sense... Thanks. 

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Are you generating the JSON from code? If so, you could replace the '\' in the drive variable with '\\' in order to escape it before constructing the JSON.


No, I am using the selectable variable in the JSON text area... so when it pulls the variable from the SW database it has the slash already there.


What I was hoping for was a SQL/SWSQL query that did the same thing as the Volume description but is able to filter out the \ or exclude it by \\

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Well, SWQL has REPLACE. You could insert a SWQL variable and use the function to properly format your output: 

That looks like it might work... I just need to learn SWQL by Friday😊

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Thank you very much.... you're a life saver. 

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