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Variables in Monitoring Templates

Hi Folks,


I have been trying to monitor URLs via SAM and using HTTP/HTTPS component monitor for the same.

For now i have used ${node.caption} in URL field and it is working fine but i can't use this as standard for URLs since when adding URL as node it first resolves to IP and then adds it to solarwinds. So in case of multiple URLs resolving to same IP  it wont get added.

As a workaround i am thinking to add URLs as application and use URL in application component name.

So i need to know the variable for application name. Please help with the same.

I tried few like ${} / ${application.caption} but these didnt work.

Would appreciate if link to all variables can be attached.





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This is the only documentation I've ever found on variables.

A quick way to figure out variables beyond that though is by going into Settings -> All Settings -> Manage Alerts -> Action Manager, then edit an WriteToNPMEventLog action and click Insert Variable. Note that variables are relative to the entity being referenced. SolarWinds will take that into account if you use it to add them, however if you manually type in the variables or copy from one alert action to another it may not always work.

Best of luck!

If you're referencing an alert on an application, here's the variables that you would need for the nodes caption, and applications name, respectively.

Node Caption: ${N=SwisEntity;M=Node.Caption}
Application Name: ${N=SwisEntity;M=ApplicationAlert.ApplicationName}
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