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Level 12

Using Solarwinds agent vs. Agentless polling?

Hi All,

Can someone here please share some best practice for when to use Solarwinds agent monitoring vs. the standard polling methods?

Thank you in advance,

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Level 12

Just to sum it all up... The agent is superior in almost every way, but WMI is much easier.

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I want to follow this thread.  For security purposes it seems the agent is best.  Install and it runs as local SYSTEM account.  Pretty sure agentless you'll need a user that has Local Admin on any server / workstation that you want to monitor.   

When i was doing agentless the network discovery part was nice.  Since i don't want to have an account as local admin on all my systems i don't think Network Discovery will work for me, other than rediscovering servers i already have the agent installed on. 

The Agent runs under the local system account by default. This can be changed under the Windows Service Manager to run as any user account you desire with whatever permissions you wish. That could, however, impact what the agent is ultimately able to poll on that endpoint based on the permissions of the user account the Agent is running under. This could also affect updates/upgrades of the Agent, which at a minimum, would need to be done manually to ensure the agent continues to run under that newly created user’s context.