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Level 8

User credentials cannot be used for local connections

Has anyone come across this error, when trying to use APM to extract WMI information?  The account we use for APM is a Domain Admin account, and works for all other servers apart from 2 x SQL servers!!

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Level 8

Finally logged a call regarding this.  I'll update people once it's resolved.

 Case #251762 - "User credentials cannot be used for local connections"

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Were you able to resolve this issue? What was your solution?

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Level 9

Try to connect from Orion box using wbemtest.exe tool to one of the SQL servers. Choose root\cimv2 namespace and domain credentials you are using for WMI monitoring in APM. If connection from wbemtest doesn't work, there is some environmental issue. In this case try WMI Troubleshooting Guide. If the connection from wbemtest works, open a support ticket.

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We have seen this issue when DNS server was configured incorrectly so Windows thought that remote node DNS names resolves to localhost IP.

In that case wbemtest also wouldn't able to connect. So I agree with tomb - wbemtest should be the first thing to try.

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If you do open on support ticket, could you:

--Reference this thread to Support.
--Post back here with a case number.
--Post any solutions you get from Support.

Many thx,


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