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Level 7

Unmanage not working

I Unmanage my node which is down , still I am receiving alerts from that server.

Could anyone suggest on this.

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Level 13

I believe if the node has already gone down and the initial alert already triggered, it will remain "triggered" even though it has been moved to Unmanaged state.

This does warrant the question of why are you unmanaging down nodes?  This seems like it is outside the intended use of that feature.  You guys might want to include the ${AcknowledgeURL} variable in your alert text providing a way to "Acknowledge" or mute the alerts but still leaving the ability for the system to determine if the alert is to be reset.


Sohail Bhamani

Level 12

I have not run into this problem before, but is it possible that you have an Application Monitor on the same server? I am not sure whether unmanaging a node also unmanages an APM, but I have unmanaged an application separately, which makes me wonder if there is a disconnect there. Do the alerts come in quite a while after the node is unmanaged? Also, is it possible that the node is being remanaged somehow, generating the alerts?

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Hi Scott,

about the unmanage functionality. When you unmanage a node then all application for this node went into unmanage status as well.

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