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Unix Template for HP UX(11.31)

We are on the below Platform.

2017.3.1 -  

6.4 SAM

We would need your suggestions to sort the below two requirements.

Able to Monitor all the mount points on HPUX instead of only root mount which is provided by the existing template.

Use Sudo instead of root access (Solarwinds team responded stated it needs to be tested ). We expected a better response.

Can any Champs help me out to sort this asap.


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For things that aren't ready for us out of the box, most of the AIX monitors use the Linux/Unix Script component. We use all sorts of different script to get it done, bash, pearl, whatever is needed, and use the SSH credentials assigned by the template. We also use sudo (actaully dzdo from centrify), but don't have any issues inside that with permissions.
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Appreciate your quick response.

I did a quick review of the scripts and could not find any existing script that will suit my requirements.

Can anyone who has already worked on similar requirements in the past share the Solution link or at least some support for me to start off with .. 

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