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Understanding SAM Unmanaged Tasks

Hi all,

Background to my question is the need to unmanage nodes once a month to apply MS patches so that the node does not send out any alerts when the servers is rebooted.

Therefore I have looked into using the SW Unmanage Task Editor to assist in this outage.

However after confirming the task has been scheduled and running on the SAM server, the node seems not to be unmanaged and alerts still occur, so either this is not working or I am missing something, so any assistance would be appreciated.

Here is what I have done:



Initial task created in Unmanaged Task Editor



Showing task is running



Alerts still showing up when Node is supposedly being "Unmanaged"

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Product Manager
Product Manager

It sounds like the node isn't being unmanaged. Have you manually executed the scheduled task (run now)? Does it unmanage the node? E.G. does the node appear to be in an unmanaged state in the Orion web interface after running the scheduled task manually?

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No it does not go in the "unmanaged" state, even when it is scheduled or manually executed.

Had thought it would have changed state but no matter how many nodes or changes to schedule can I get it to change state.

Thanks for replying.

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Have you tried executing this through the command prompt? E.G "C:\Users\Administrator\Tasks\Unmanage Task.cmd". Note that the "cmd" file name and location shown in the screenshots below will be unique based on what you named the task and who you are logged into the system as.

Unmanage Task.png

Execute Task.png

Are any errors returned? Is the object unmanaged after executing this command?

Well there is progress, ran the command manually and it all worked only I relocated the cmd file to an easier location.

Went and changed the scheduler to use the new location and all is working now.

So not to sure what the original issue was, but appreciate the assistance if fault finding it.



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