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Trial version discovery

Does Trial version discovers the complete IT infra or till certain hosts limit

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Hi @vishud_12 

I don't think you have a limitation as such if I am not wrong, but please remember a couple of things:

1. Trial version is only valid for 30 days.

2. When we talk about SAM its always that we refer to number of components that we monitor rather than the nodes, from what i understand with latest version of SAM 2020.2 it can go upto 40,000 component monitors

3. If you are talking about nodes/hosts, as in how many nodes/hosts can i add using this - then i would say max 12,000 nodes.

4. But then with trial version i am sure you would use a SQL Express (free of cost), hence I don't think its a good idea to discover everything using a trail version (unless you have a SQL Server hosted else where which you can use for your trail) - You would definitely have performance issues on your trial box if you stand up everything to test. 

Hope it helps, good luck with your demo 

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