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Top 10 Processes by CPU Load alert action is not accurate

So, I have SAM 2019.4 and I am trying to get useful information from the "High CPU Utilization with Top 10 Processes" alert. The alert triggers on CPU above 90%, and has a 10 minute delay in order to give the RTPE time to gather the process information. The problem is, every time I get the email listing the Top 10 Processes, they never total anything close to 90% or more. What gives? Am I forgetting some aspect of configuring this? Thanks for any suggestions.

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It's extremely likely that the top 10 processes aren't consuming 90% of CPU utilization by themselves. I believe the intention is to list out the top 10 to highlight what is consuming the most CPU, and if there is an anomaly it gets highlighted for the administrator. 

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