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Level 9

TCP port monitor behaving fishy

I am creating a TCP port monitor to monitor ports on Red hat servers using SAM 6.6.

But the monitor is behaving weird as it is showing down while the Port on the server is reachable.

Any idea about this behavior.


Richa Arya

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Level 14

Needs more information. Two things I would check:

  1. From the Orion server (main or additional poller if that's where you've got your node), use powershell and use "Test-NetConnection <hostname> -Port <Port>". If this doesn't work I would look at what could be blocking it (firewall, A/V, etc).
  2. You can turn on application debugging logs that might give you some additional information:
    Turn on application debugging for SAM - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support
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