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Level 9

Store API Poller Array Member Element vs Just Array Count

SAM Version: 2020.2.1

There are times when you need to store the actual array members (or an element of the array members) from an API poller request.  An example might be a list of support tickets and you need to store the ID of each support request for use on a dashboard.  How can we store these?

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@kbswcon What about monitoring the ID element. The value will be stored, so there should be option to display it in a dashboard.MonitorID.png

Example on the screenshot above uses the out-of-the-box API Poller template that is available in SAM (SolarWinds Service Desk Incidents and Problems).

Let us know if that helps.




This goes back to the static vs dynamic nature of the API Poller feature.  You don't know how many incidents there will be (in my case Microsoft 365 service incidents), so unless the API Poller can dynamically add the array members as children of the monitored parent array, this approach is infeasible.  What we need is the API Poller feature to be more dynamic for scenarios like this (just like the pagination issue).


@kbswcon OK. Understand the need. As this is not supported yet, it should be treated as feature request. Internally it is tracked under: SAM-10465