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Solarwinds - SNMP Enabler For Windows

We just purchased Solarwinds software.  As understand from reseller, SNMP is the only way to monitor the servers and network equipment.

We found Solarwinds tools to enabler SNMP for Windows.

  1. Tested the tools installed on outlet and successful enabled all windows devices on the outlet.

However we have 2000 outlets and each outlet have 3 Windows devices.  There will be a tedious job to copy the program on each outlet windows device to install all Windows devices.

We want to use SolarWinds SNMP Enabler tools in HQ to enabler all windows devices in outlet.

  Tested the tools installed on HQ Server and unable connect to Stores. 

There is firewall between HQ and outlet.  We suspected  unable to connect due to firewall not open in HQ.

Appreciate for your help to provide port number require to communicate between HQ Server and outlet.

  1. All the stores do not connect to Domain Controller.  When the devices are not in Domain Controller, we required to use “<IP_Address>\administrator”

Is there any better way to SNMP enabler for Windows devices with 6000 Windows devices (2000 outlet) with local administrator ID and passwd?

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Head Geek, Leon Adato has created an overview of SNMP vs WMI here:  SNMP vs WMI polling - pros and cons

Hi lai​ To configure SNMP on all you windows devices,  you could use a Group Policy to enable SNMP. Once you've deployed this and the policy has been run on all your devices, you should then be able to use the Discovery wizard to add in all your outlets at once!

Disclaimer: This assumes all your Windows devices are joined to your corporate domain, and that you've sorted out your firewall problems (allow TCP ports 161 and 162 through should suffice).

- Jez Marsh
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Hi Siverbacksays,

All outlets did not connect to Domain Controller and no Group Policy able to push to all outlets

Port 161 and Port 162 have enabled but the tools unable connect.  Any idea TCP port or UDP connect "Solarwinds tools to enabler SNMP for Windows"?

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Ah, that's a shame lai​. I thought it might have been too good to be true!

I'm not sure what ports the tool uses. Perhaps aLTeReGo​ can help?

- Jez Marsh
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TCP Ports 135 and 445.

We have enabled TCP ports 135 and 445 before I post to this blogs.

Tested and successful telnet from HQ to Remote outlet.

In "SolarWinds SNMP Enabler for Windows", we enter

1. IP Address: {Remote IP Address}

2. Login: {IP_Address\<Username>}

3. Password: {xxxxx}

4. Read-Only Community: {yyyyy}

Click "Start" after I completed the above and encountered error.

Error Message: "Login failed with <IP_Address>\<Username> credentials"

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Product Manager
Product Manager

The SNMP Enabler for Windows supports two methods of deployment. WMI and PSExec. The PSexec method utilizes RPC which uses to the ports I referenced above. The WMI method utilizes a very wide port range as I outline in by blog post Portocalypse - WMI Demystified

SNMP Enabler Method.png

Cheers alt, helpful as always

- Jez Marsh
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Product Manager
Product Manager

If these are Windows devices have you tried monitoring then with WMI rather than SNMP?

1. What is the output difference monitoring WMI and SNMP?

2. How can we enable WMI with 6000 Windows devices?

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Product Manager
Product Manager

With respect to Windows, the level of information you will receive with WMI exceeds what you will get using SNMP. WMI is also installed, enabled, and configured by default on all Windows machines. So no additional configuration is typically required.