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Singling out the Service Component

Hi Guys

I know not many people reply to my posts but I'll give it a go anyway.

I have created a Component/Service Down Alert to tell me when exactly that goes DOWN. However, when the Alert is simulated I can see a list of all associated services related to the component/template, for example;

Simulation against IIS:

Service: World Wide Web Publishing(Up)
HTTP Port Monitor(Up)
URI Cache Flushes Counter(Up)
URI Cache Hits Counter(Up)
URI Cache Hits Percent Counter(Up)
URI Cache Misses Counter(Up)
Web Service: Bytes Received/sec Counter(Up)
Web Service: Bytes Sent/sec Counter(Up)
Web Service: Bytes Total/sec Counter(Up)
Web Service: Connection Attempts/sec Counter(Up)
Web Service: Current Connections Counter(Up)
Web Service: Get Requests/sec Counter(Up)
System: System Calls/sec(Up)

Is there a variable that will just tell me the Service Component out of the group that has gone down?

These are my variables:

An **Windows Component is DOWN** and has been detected in ${N=SwisEntity;M=Node.CustomProperties.CustomerName} (Customer Name indicated via Custom Property)

Component Name: ${N=SwisEntity;M=ApplicationAlert.ApplicationName} (This will tell me that IIS has been triggered)

${N=SwisEntity;M=ApplicationAlert.ComponentsWithStatusFormatted} (And this variable provides the list of web services above)


${N=SwisEntity;M=ApplicationAlert.ComponentsWithStatusFormattedHtml} (Or if using this variable it is the same as the one above providing me with a list of Web Services above with their statues against them)

I like the list but Support Teams only need to know about the component within the service that has gone down.

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