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Shared Drive monitoring for a Clustered Server Node

Hi All,

Not sure if u have come across this scenario.. we have some Windows servers which are Cluster nodes and they have some drives which are of shared nature... So it remains visible/owned only for the node which is active.. we are monitoring both members of the cluster separately but the shared drive will be available only for 1 node so Solarwinds will monitor only for 1 node and incase for that node, drive moves to other node then it shows down and not detected on the node to which the drive moved...

In this case, how can we monitor and ensure that drive is monitored even when failover of that server per our Windows SMEs this is very basic... so need some light on this if anyone is doing this or any alternate options

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You will use SAM licenses to monitor your cluster.
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If you have a 2-node cluster, then there will be 3 nodes that you need to discover in Orion: 

  • Node 1: monitor everything except the shared disk resource. Be sure to monitor the Windows Failover Clustering Service and compute resources.
  • Node 2: monitor everything except the shared disk resource. Be sure to monitor the Windows Failover Clustering Service and compute resources.
  • Cluster Name Object: monitor only the shared disk resource

This will tie monitoring and alerting for your clustered disk resource to the cluster object itself. The nodes will each be monitored for the health of the cluster service and resource utilization. This approach works for clustered file servers as well as clustered/HA SQL servers.

@sturdyerde Do we have to use the SAM Application Monitor template, or this can be set up without consuming AL license?

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Monitor the cluster-object as well, and the cluster disks are monitored on the cluster-object.

IE, If you have SQL clustered. Monitor the SQL instance as a separate node and the disks that belong to SQL are monitored on the clustered SQL node and NOT on the hosts.

So you monitoring a cluster with 2 nodes and one service will result in 3 nodes in orion. 


Its not a SQL cluster node. Its windows level cluster. The shared drive as per the windows team will be available always on 1 node i said we are already monitoring members separately... So u mean we should monitor the cluster IP of this and via that it should get details of both no matter where it runs?
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Yes, I guess the disk belong to a virtual IP of some sort. If its a file-service IP or directly on the cluster IP. Monitor the disk on the IP that the disk is always available on.

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Well the drive moves to the node which is active so it's not constant...

Hello Pratik,

solarwinds can monitor the cluster shared drive as well. What you can do is just discover the both nodes and select the discovered disk from List resources. However you will not get any data on inactive cluster node. Solarwinds calculate the disk utilization from Active node only. Whenever it move to the other node in that case you don't have to re-discover again the inactive node since Volumes  were already added in monitoring and it will auto populate the utilization from current active node.

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@alankar.srivastava just a correction... drive wont be visible on both nodes... so ideally it needs to be added like how others have mentioned here.. 2 members should be added separately and the cluster IP should be added and discover just shared disk on it..

However we are waiting for customer to give us a test cluster so that we can evaluate and confirm....

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