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Server Uptime Report / Last Reboot Report

I needed a report for the boss that answered the question of how long our servers have been running since last reboot.

This is to ensure we are properly rebooting servers every month after the patch cycle. We have over 1000 servers so it was a tough question to answer and a growing problem as we add more servers.

I created this report with the help of a similar report I found for the report writer and our SQL admin, the report gives us the data we needed.

It scans all the nodes and organizes them from greatest to smallest uptime. It displays the Uptime in days and hours and lists the server name and IP address.

We then have to look at the report for any objects over apx 35 days and we will know that a server some how missed its reboot after patching.

It has helped us discover several servers that were never added to a patch group and several more servers not responding to SNMP based on missing data.

We have some servers on a 90 day schedule and in the future i'm going to add an exclusion for those to show up on another report.

If you want to show the uptime on all nodes in the environment you can remove the FROM statements at the end of the report and it will generate a report for all nodes. I have included that version as well for download.

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Re: Server Uptime Report / Last Reboot Report

These are awesome!

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Re: Server Uptime Report / Last Reboot Report

Thank you!

I have already made a few changes to include value called patch_group and sorts the servers into patch groups and sorts by uptime.
Now are able to look at each group and check after a patch event that all servers have been rebooted and show 0 day uptime. I am working on the 30 day and 90 day group separation, I'm having a few issues getting the SQL working in the 90 day section.

We also have a select few Windows desktops that run as servers, in this version they are excluded as it sorts for servers only.

Once the items are sorted ill upload the new version.

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