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Send us a scrubbed screenshot of your SAM dashboard/home page for 500 THWACK points!

We're doing some research on how folks have customized their SAM dashboards (or not!) and want to see yours! Don't forget to scrub any sensitive data from the screenshot before sharing it! Share it here or feel free to email it to me directly:

We may reach out to you if we have specific questions about what you've done or why 🙂

Please share by Friday, June 26th, 2020 (EOB) to get your 500 points

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My SAM Summary isn't looked at all. Most views are application or group specific. Most users with specific needs may not see the default menu bar for SAM or other components.



This is the page that management teams review each morning. Links at the top on how to interpret it, right column is the application summary. Pie chart is standard, and the widget below is custom, but I hope to update it with an Orion map based "thing" before long. The idea is that the most critical services we offer show if there has been any detected issues. Users may not have been impacted, but some component failed. It's rolled up to show a 7 day history. The left side is current state, map is network gear only, and then down nodes and applications with custom properties we care about. 

I throw away almost the entire default SAM dashboard in most cases, very little of it is useful for my cases and I just strip it down and use it as and use it as a place where the teams can search and jump off to specific dashboards for their apps or nodes.  The company is so big that nobody even really wants a high level view of everything, they are always looking at segments of what's going on.



This is a pretty standard template I use as the starting point for App Team dashboards, I use a script that makes clones of this view for each new app that we define via a custom property.  Worth noting that the CPU and Memory charts only show instances that have breached their thresholds in the last week since we can usually ignore everything that doesn't have a violation, would be nice if the widget collapsed down to a smaller area but I haven't had the motivation to go hack up the IIS files to make it happen yet. If an app team has specific metrics that they ask for us to highlight we would add more widgets and tailor them, such as charting the availability or statistic from particular components or displaying sums/min/maxes/averages across sets of servers, but that doesn't happen much these days now that our app teams are relying more on other APM/tracing tools that they have more granular permissions in.  They can build their own stuff there without having to ask me unless their needs are especially elaborate.  As far as a wish list I think core Orion needs a tight integration with AppOptics and it needs it yesterday.

app team.png



- Marc Netterfield, Github

I expect my homepage is very different to others but I found this was the most friendly way for people to access everything. Having lots of data scared a lot of people so I use tabs to the left to break things down:


Lots of housekeeping to do in my SAM deployment... I've fallen behind. Usually there's a lot less red!