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Level 7

Sam Credential Password Modification


I wanted to know if it is currently possible to modify the password of a SAM credential via the api?

I've found resources on modifying the password for wmi credentials, but nothing for Sam as of yet.

Also the credentials in the DB seem to be heavily encrypted so modifying them directly through the db does not seem to be an option.


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Level 13

Use the Orion.Credential entity and the UpdateUsernamePasswordCredentials action, like this (this is Python, but PowerShell is similar):

credParams = [
credentialID, --ID of a credential in Orion.Credential
Password --plain text


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Ya I don't believe that verb works on SAM creds, when referencing the CredID it acts as if it doesn't exist.



The info at "" shows the creds must be a SNMP v1/v2 cred though that could just be a typo because i'm pretty sure I got it to work on regular Orion creds.




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