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Level 7

SQL Monitoring

From my understanding of the SQL Server 2005-2008 Performance (SQL) monitor. It executes a SQL query against the designated Microsoft SQL Server. Is is possible after changing that SQL query for the monitor to execute that query against an Oracle Server?

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Level 12


Standard template "Server 2005-2008 Performance (SQL)" uses set of "SQL Server User Experience Monitor" components that execute query on the Microsoft SQL Server. For executing SQL queries against Oracle database you can use "Oracle User Experience Monitor" component (but there is no built-in template for Oracle server in SAM, so you can create your own template or try to look for templates from thwack).

Kind Regards,

Lukas Belza (SolarWinds development)

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Lukas is partially correct. You would use the Oracle User Experience Monitor in SAM instead of the SQL User Experience monitor your Oracle servers, but SAM does include an out-of-the-box template for monitoring your Oracle database servers.

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