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SQL Appinsight Assign to 100 SQL Servers

I am having trouble figuring out how to better manage SQL Monitoring.

I cannot go to each node one by one, List Resources and choose monitor. There has to be an easier way?.

How can I automate this?

I see Bronx uploaded all those great new templates, how do we automate assigning all of these?

This is my biggest pain point with SolarWinds - automatic management of resources.

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Level 14

Also, in the UI there is a link to Manage Nodes to select multiple nodes, but this leads nowhere - I get to the manage nodes screen but how do I return to the Assign monitors page?

Can't find the node you want to monitor? Add the node from the Manage Nodes page.

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Hi orioncrack,

Have you tried Network Sonar Discovery?

Using the Sonar Network Discovery does not work for AppInsight for Exchange only IIS and SQL is detected after CU update on exchange and need to be manually added one by one for more than 90 plus servers.

Hoping to have the feature release for the ability to assign in BULK for exchange.

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Bob - I want to add pre-existing nodes....100+ SQL servers.

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bob55 is correct. You can re-run Network Sonar Discovery for these nodes. Either a single on-time discovery, or schedule a nightly discovery and any SQL servers will appear in the Network Sonar Discovery Results.

One Time Discovery Results


Scheduled Network Sonar Discovery Results

SQL Network Sonar Discovery Results.png

Ok, will give it a try....thanks.

This is not an ideal way to manage so many objects though....wish you guys handled discovery a little differently. No worries.

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Nevermind, we will wait for SAM 10.0

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Considering NetAtlas sill has documented unfixed bugs from 2009, I predict we will see these requested features in 10.0 - around 2020.

I don't know how large companies manage SQL monitoring with SW.

Oh, thats right, they still use SCOM.

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Ha too funny.  I get it now.  You could always try to go to Settings, SAM Settings, Manage Templates.  Find the AppInsight for SQL template and check its box.  Click the Assign to Nodes option and select multiple SQL servers.  You would then just assign a credential or inherit from the node if you used a WMI credential to begin with.

I have so many clients who use AppInsight for SQL.  Some have hundreds of DB's some only 1.  Works great for them.

Also, SCCM is great for MS products, but go outside that, and you wont be able to.... easily or at all.

Not possible to assign multiple servers, Sohail. I monitor other DB backends with SCOM just fine actually...


Unfortunately there is no easy way to add the AppInsight for SQL to multiple Nodes in one action. I have submitted a feature request to have the AppInsight for SQL application added to the "Scan Nodes for Applications" wizard.

Until such a feature exists, you must either use the Node's List Resources option or Manage the Template and assign it to one Node at a time.


SolarWinds • Technical Support

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You might be waiting a long time for SAM 10.0 as they are just on 6.0 currently.

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