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SQL AppInsight - Status Down

Hi all,

For the past 3 weeks have been installing SAM and have worked through all my 50+ SQL systems, however am stuck with just one node that has the SQL InSight Status as "Down".

It appears that the SQL InSight is performing its job and I get all the information i require, but cannot shift the status to UP.

Have ensured the correct credentials have been entered for SQL and the Test passes, but no matter what the status always stays the same.

Appreciate if anyone could steer me in to the obvious trap I must be overlooking.



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Product Manager
Product Manager

Are there any obvious errors displayed in the Application Details resource? Is there anything red/down on the Application Details view that you can see that might explain the "down" status? A screenshot would be very helpful, if even just clicking on the "Edit Application" and showing all the component monitors and their status.

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Hi Ego,

Thanks for replying.

I have several critical performance counters scattered throughout the Application Monitor for SQL, but that is much the same for all of my other 50+ SQL nodes.

The positive of installing SAM provides me the insight and reports of why we need a permanent SQL DBA, to manage these critical's.

So is it possible that these several critical counters could cause the status to be down? Just curios as I have only 1 SQL node that is okay with 50+ all in the critical?




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Okay have worked on the SQL components are they are all green now (status still Down), but have noticed the following which may be an issue.

Will investigate it further.


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Does not that database have "Auto Close" enabled? You can check this either by "SELECT name, database_id, is_auto_close_on FROM sys.databases" or from management studio:


If so, then there are issues polling its performance counters (and whole application can be down because they are missing). The only workaround (if disabling AutoClose is not an option) is to exclude that particular database from polling (i.e. on database detail page click "Unmanage")


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Thanks Petr, will investigate and get back.

Much appreciated.

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