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SNMP data not being collected

 We have had issues with snmp data not being collected on 2008 servers. we have stop, restarted, uninstalled, and reinstalled SNMP , checked the ASA and stood on one foot while typing binary.. 

What we found.. On 2008 servers with Multiple IP address, the Opreating system picks the IP address closest to the default Gateway addresss. So if when adding the node and Orion picked the IP Address not the closest to the Gateway we had issues.  (no snmp data is gathered)

ISSUE: Node in Orion that does not record SNMP data.


·         ON the server the SNMP service is up and working

·         ICMP traffic is coming through to Orion

·         SNMP service has been restarted   (just in case it has hung)

·         This is a 2008 Server, with multiple IP_Addresses


Steps to resolve the issue:

1.       RDP into the server

2.       Start, Run,  CMD

3.       From the DOS Prompt type “IPconfig”  noting the Gateway and the IP_Addresses

4.       From the DOS Prompt type “Route Print”

5.        Note the top line default gateway and the Default  IP_Address  (TOP LINE ) that the server wants to use to get out.

1.       Compare this address to the address in Orion.

2.       If the address in the “Route Print”  is different than  Orion’s IP_Address  

a.       Email the Orion Administrator the default IP address and he will make a change to the Node in Orion

b.      and do some additional  internally important things for our environment


C. And all will be happy.. Orion will see the SNMP DATA and your going to look like a genius .



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Multiple IPs on monitored hosts (or the Orion poller itself) can cause issues with either firewall settings or the SNMP config of monitored hosts. This can also cause multiple DNS entries for the same host. There's a hotfix & a "skipassource" flag for netsh for a couple of Windows versions:

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Thanks JWERLEIN for your contribution. I'm sure this will save others in the community a lot of time and unneeded frustration.

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