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SAM custom monitoring to monitor URL, Services and processes

Hello All

currently we are using SAM 6.8 and in our environment URL, Processes and services are getting monitor with the help of powershell which has the work flow like in every 2 sec it will poll the service and URL to check the status. the Values we are taking it from the custom properties URL1 , URL2 & Process1, Process 2 like this. and these are work as argument to the script and execute .

Is there any other way to monitor the URL, Process and service if we do not want to user the component in SAM. ?

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So you are using SAM but want to know how to not use SAM?

Or you are looking for PowerShell only component without using URL, Process, service components?

thanks for reply

Actually i want to monitor the URL , Process and services through powershel for which template has created in SAM.

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