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Level 11

SAM | Moving component monitor from one template to another template

Is there a way or is it possible to move component monitor existing from one template to another template? 

Example: Component monitors listed below are not available in GLASSFISHTemplate. However, these are existing in Java Application Server. Can we copy this monitors and move it to Glassfish Template? 

  1. Thread Instant Blocked Count
  2. Thread Instant Wait Count
  3. Thread Instant Wait Time (ms)

Thanks in advance. 

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Go to sam settings and there is an option to manage components within templates. From that area you can copy components directly from one template to another.
- Marc Netterfield, Github

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Level 12

Not that I know of.  But there is no reason why you can't add it manually and copy all of the settings.  It's a pain.

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