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SAM - How to organize nodes ?

first of all im new to solarwinds, have only been using the product for roughly 3 months, so please be nice LOL-

Goodmorning all,

This a loaded, yet, very vague question. Im just looking for general guidance/suggestions/tips. I have been tasked with organizing all nodes our agency currently has in SAM. They have alerts set up and have been configured properly. I have no idea how to even start or where to begin although I have done a little bit of research on the subject. We are likely going to start at the top being the "IT Services and business services" , then work our way down to application, then to environment (PRD,DR,QA) etc.

What are some ways that you all have structured your organizations nodes ?

What are some ways that you all have structured nodes under different teams within your organization?

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone.

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garett17​ some of the most common ways ii see this being accomplished is usually by using Custom Properties as tags for things such as Sites or Region, then Supported Application, or Business Services. The great thing is with the ability to add Custom Properties at various object levels you get the agility to slice and dice it several different ways that can fit your business need. Specifically focusing on SAM I might recommend with your initial idea of starting at Business Services and then work your way from there.

thanks for the reply, so maybe im not thinking this through properly, but how would I make a server fall under a custom property(business service), then have that under another custom property(region) ?

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Custom Properties can be placed at various object levels, as an example, you could identify a Node Custom Property "Region", and then an Application Custom Property "BusinessService"

Every Custom Property is defined on an object basis, it really just comes down to how you use them. For instance, if you create two Node Custom Properties such as Region, and BusinessService in the All Nodes tree widget you could have them grouped by those, you could do the same thing for Application Custom Properties with the All Applications widget

Let me know if this explanation is a little muddy

This thread has great examples of their usability

Custom Properties - What are you using and why?

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so there is a widget that would help view how these custom properties are broken down in a tree-like style ? the all nodes widget ?

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No the custom properties allow you to group those particular widgets in a logical grouping that makes sense to your organization

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