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SAM 6.0 - Any way to make Multiple Object Chart dynamic like Custom Object Resource?

I have a few components set up that use PowerShell scripts to gather several statistics in one.  With these I am able to put Custom Object Resource - Multiple Statistic Chart in a View to see the new dynamic chart used for many of the charts in Manage Nodes.  Now I am trying to use this instead of the legacy Multiple Object Chart in a View so I can examine the statistic value of several performance counter components side by side.  Is there any way to do this?  When I configure Custom Object Resource, the option for Multiple Statistic Chart disappears if I select multiple components.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

You can use the new "Multiple Statistic Chart" in the "Custom Object Resource" using the following settings as an example.

Multiple Object Chart in Custom Object Resource.png

The end result should look something similar to the following, as seen on my summary view.

Multiple Statistic Chart on Summary View.png

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