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SAM 2020.2 - Config wizard failed for SWIS service

Dear All,
I tried to install SAM 2020.2 Eval via Offline installer On a Newly built VM of OS Win 2016 Std Eval.
1. Selected SQL Express
1a. Only SAM product.
2.System Checks got passed
3.SolarWinds Installation Wizard finished successfully.
4. Automatically, Config wizard started to run.
4a. Everything was looking good.
5. When it was about to complete.. (during 87.8% progress)., it displayed below error
"verifying that SWIS service is available FAILED"
6. Finally, Config wizard ended with failure

Attached the screen shots. Please review.
Kindly note: Antivirus had been disabled before Installation itself.

Please help me To be successful in Sam 2020.2 installation

Thanks a lot Beforehand.
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Hi ,

Getting same error ,Can you please help how you resolve this issue

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Increased the RAM (additional 2GB) and it solved the issue. Kindly note the RAM should be more than the recommended.

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My system has 16GB of RAM and still is stuck @89.8% only has 2gb of RAM in use.

This did not solve the issue for me.

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I have the same issue but when running the Config Wizard for NCM (did a offline install)!

I have a new VM (Windows Server 2019) with 16GB RAM, only 26% used.

I'll open a ticket with the support and send them the diagnostics. Will post here again once solved.

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Any update?

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