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Level 8

Restricted view for specific users

I was wondering if anyone has done or thought of doing the following:

Create a view for specific group of users that will allow them to see the status of very specific nodes/applications (up or down) - similar to the below:


Allow these users to perform a specific action (reboot the nodes) and don't allow them to view any information regarding these nodes other than the restricted 'Management' view:


At the same time, these users will not be able to navigate anywhere else (all hyperlinks will be disabled or return an error message)


I have copied the 'Node Details - Summary' view, disabled the left navigation, removed all resources but 'Management' but it only works if I select the 'View Limitation' to be for a single network node, not for  a group of nodes. When I make that view to be the 'Home Page View' for the new user, I have to define the default network device. By doing that, I can only see the 'Management' of the default device and I cannot navigate to any other of the group nodes.

Any ideas on how to achieve the above?

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Level 8

I was able to achieve the above by creating two different views, the first view only has the 'All Nodes' resource on one column and set a limitation to a group of nodes.

The other view is a copy of the 'Node Details - Summary' which only has the 'Management' resource available and again a limitation to the same group of nodes as the first view.

I then created a user account with limited access to the group of nodes used on both views, disabled all reports, alerts, menu bar and views, set all settings to none/no apart from the 'Server & Application Monitor Settings > Allow nodes to be rebooted' which I set to Yes.

The first view was selected under the 'Home Page View' and 'Default Summary View' and the second (the copy of Node Details - Summary) under 'Orion General Settings - Node Details View'.

access to the "management" widget might be problematic when you don't want those users to see any info as there they could "list resources" and use the "Performance Analyzer"

Level 8

Steffen, you are correct, the 'Performance Analyzer' is still available to the user but I don't think they can do much with it other than seeing information about the server/node. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Yep, read-only. I was just concerned about your statement: "[...] and don't allow them to view any information regarding these nodes"

Level 8

It would be good if there was a way to remove the 'Performance Analyzer' link but since it is read only I am not that bothered. The main concern is not to be able to navigate to other nodes as they will have the option to reboot them.