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Report of VMs with Host name

Hi, I need to generate a report that lists the Virtual Machines and the host that they reside on.

Basically I need the node's name/caption and the host name.  It needs to be exportable to Excel or CSV.

I have tried every way i can find in the report writer and the host column always comes out blank.

I found the Hosted Virtual Machines which gives me the VMs on a host by host basis but it doesn't have the option to export unlike my other reports.

I can see the data in the nodes details so it's frustrating that i can't get it out.

I don't have VMAN available.  (It's installed but not licensed)



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Level 10

I think without VMAN you cant get these info .VMAN build the relationship for vmware environment

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Looking at a VM node it lists the host that it lives on:


and i found a canned report that can list the VMs on a specific host, so the data is there and the system knows what is running where.

There is also a field i can select when creating my table report called Host Name which, in the selection screen shows the correct host name BUT when i preview or run the report it is blank for all nodes.

I think this is something that is intended to work but is broken in SolarWinds.

I have gotten around this by creating the report that i mentioned before


and adding a content selection for each of my hosts (the report repeats down the screen with a section per host).  Luckily i only have about 20 hosts.

This report doesn't have an export to excel option so i then copied the text on screen, pasted into excel and ran a few macros and search / replaces to clean it up into a format i could use.

Thanks anyway.


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Is there a place to report issues/bugs without creating a full blown support case?

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