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Reboots and application monitors

Is there a condition I could add to an alert for an application that would take into accounts a reboot.  I.E. if the server reboots, the alert would not trigger for 5 minutes to all the server time to get back online.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

There have been several customers who've used the Orion SDK/API to unmanage nodes when they reboot, and re-manage them when they come back online using shutdown/startup scripts.

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Did some forum searching and - unfortunately - this was the best thread I could find on the topic...

Having the same / similar issue.  Application monitors (e.g. process monitors) sometimes fire alerts when:

  • A node is rebooted
  • A node goes offline for some time

I think this happens if the application monitor poll happens while the node is rebooting/offline.

I already have alerts that tell me when nodes are down/rebooting so this is extremely unhelpful.  Consequently, I may now see this for one node reboot:

  • App A down
  • App B down
  • Node rebooted
  • App A reset
  • App B reset

There has to be a better way... right?


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