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Level 7

Random packet loss


We are getting packet loss(sometimes 10%, sometimes 20%, its completely random) for random servers over the past three days. The issue exists between 12am-9am and 12pm-9pm approximately. We have involved the network team for this as well. But everything is working fine from their side.

With the help of Windows team we have observed that 1-2 min before node down event time stamp in Solarwinds there is a info message in event log of server that WMI performance adapter service has entered stopped state.It comes to running state after few minutes. Could this be the reason of these node down events?

We are continuously troubleshooting this for approx three days but not able to find the root cause of the problem. Can somebody help with this issue?

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Level 12

Have you tried to ping the servers from Solarwinds server during the time issue occurred.

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Yes, I pinged the servers from solarwinds server during the issue time. Some random servers are showing packet loss intermittently. We can't see any pattern for the servers that are going down. It is just some random set of servers will go down one moment, then some other servers are down the next.

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Can you try to use another Status & Response Time polling method via ICMP instead of Agent?

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We are using agentless polling method : WMI and ICMP.

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