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We have a script we use to put nodes into an unmanaged state with an end time. I would also like to be able to use the RESTAPI (without the SWIS SDK) to be able to unmute on demand.

Currentlt using the following endpoint:


and passing json in the format of:

This works great to mute alerts but i can't do the same thing "over the top" and set a 1 minute period if the node is already muted.
Does anyone know how to unmute a node immediately using REST API?
Also - anyone got a decent link to the relevant API documentation / swagger so we can find this stuff out?
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Excellent, thanks for this - couldnt find the swagger link anywhere. Kicking myself now for the ResumeAlerts endpoint!

Interestingly i seem to now have hit a bug / issue with AD authentication to the API but working around with a local Orion account for now.

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