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Query on Solarwinds Agent communication

Hi All,

Recently we faced couple of issues for SolarWinds agent on Linux Vms... most of them got resolved by re initiating the communication from Linux server side OR by rebooting the Linux server OR re-install as they had done some activity which removed the agent..

But for 1 server, no matter what agent was not getting deployed.. we tried all methods like reinstalling, checking telnet, firewall, space of linux server etc.. even rebooted the server but it didnt help.. Later 1 day Linux engineer was doing troubleshooting on this and he found snmpd was not masked asin not running or not allowed to he did some setting to make it run... and guess what!! the agent got deployed after that..

Now my question is, does snmp daemon has any role play here? Does agent in anyway need SNMP because we had no intention of using SNMP and infact we have 150+ servers where we have agent deployed but never had this issue....

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