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Process Monitor - SNMP Issues

I am trying to monitor services on in my environment and I am having a difficult time setting this up.  It appears the easiest way would be to choose the "Browse a node processes, services, and performance counters" link from the APM Settings page on the web console.  These are the steps that I'm following once I click the previously-mentioned link:

1.  Select Component monitor type -I set this to Process Monitor - SNMP

2.  Select Target - I browse for and select the node I want to find the services on and hit next

However, when I click "Next" to discover the services running on the server, zero services show up for me to select.  I've tried this on multiple servers, both physical and virtual and get the same results.  I've also tried testing current APM's that are setup, and it is just in an endless loop.

Has anyone out there seen this type of behavior with APM?  I'm running version 4.0.2

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Out of curiosity, what is the operating system running on the host you're trying to monitor the running processes of? Also, is this node managed in NPM via SNMP or is this an ICMP only node? The simplest way to determine this quickly is when you select the node under Find Processes, Service and Performance Counters, is the node you're trying to monitor under a specific vendor such as Windows, or is it under the "Unknown" category?

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