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Problems with SERVER, SQL DBs and Best Practices

We are trying to get APM up and running but I am having problems with some services and I would also like a 'best practices' answer.


1. We are trying to monitor the SERVER service. The service lists the executable as: C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs. How do you monitor this with SNMP? For that matter how to you monitor any of those SVCHOST apps/services?

2. We are also trying to monitor the availability of several SQL DBs. I have NO idea how to do this properly.

3. Is it better to use SNMP or WMI for monitoring services/applications? 

4. Is it better to setup a application Template for an app and include the Server service, netlogon, snmp etc etc as well as the actual application or is it better to make a template separately for each of the 'Standard' services and keep only the truly unique services in a Template just for that app?   


Thanks for help!



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There are many services with the same executable as the one you described - like the Automatic Updates service. The best way to monitor the Windows services is to create a new application template and use the Windows Service Monitor type of monitor.  This way you can just name the service "Server" or "Server for NFS" or whatever.  It does really work well, at least in my experience.

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