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Level 7

Problems with APM ALX

I've been having a lot of issues with the new APM. I've been working with SolarWinds support and have reinstalled the Orion APM and NPM several times from scratch. My support case number is 40846.

I've just finished the latest reinsall. I created three templates each with a single http monitor. I then assigned a different set of nodes to each template. It was monitoring the nodes from the first two templates without issue. When I hit the save button when adding nodes to the third template I got a "could not reach jobscheduler service after 3 retries" error. Shortly after that all the http montiors went into a state of "unknown". I've submitted a few diag files including one today.

I'm running on Windows XP with SQL2005 express.

From my past experience with this now that the jobscheduler is messed up I will basically have to start from scratch again. Doing a repair does not fix the problem.

 Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Level 17

I'm running on Windows XP with SQL2005 express.

Have you always run this on XP? This is not a supported platform.

There were job scheduler issues addressed in the previous APM service packs 1 & 2. Have you applied all 3 SPs with the same result? 

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I have applied the SP3 for the NPM and APM. Do I need to also apply SP1 and SP2 (I don't have those as available downloads in my account).

Maybe XP is my problem. I thought I had read somewhere XP was supported but I must be mistaken.

Thank-you for the response.

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 SP1 & SP2 are rolled into SP3. Yes, hopefully this is an OS issue?

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