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Orion Agent Whitelisting

Anyone using whitelisting how do you allow the Orion agent?

When we last upgraded to 6.2.4 the agent got blocked with our whitelisting product Bit9 when the agent auto updated, we are trying to setup a rule, but need some information. All the paths any exe or dll will run from this is for installing, upgrading, and running the agent. What processes are used to call these .exe's and dll files. We are needing to upgrade to the latest version and are afraid this is going to break the agent again.

Second question, can the agent be on a lower version then the NPM/SAM? We have auto update off for the agent if we upgrade will the agent still work until we manually upgrade the agent? From what support told me yes we can. So this is good news.

Update 3/30/17

Support has not provided any helpful info for the whitelisting issue.

They say I can upgrade and run the agents on older version.

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