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Option to mute the resources like Datastore, CPU, Memory

Hey Everyone,

Just came across this thought since this is available in other tools that we use... It would be good to have an option to mute or unmanage the individual resources like datastore, CPU&Memory.... just like how we can do it for other components like ports, applications etc..

This will make it easier and not end up creating multiple custom properties and further complicating the usage under alerts... we often get requests to not monitor for ex just CPU for few servers but memory should be ON; memory for few servers but CPU should be ON etc..

For datastore, example is wherein not all hosts are managed and supported so option to mute would be good.. i know we have option to get them excluded but some customers are reluctant to do this...

Wanted everyone's thoughts before submitting it as feature request...

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Nice :), but maybe its much easier to make it disappear from the view if they don't want to see it. But then it would still be collecting data on the backend.

If you have noticed 'CPU & Memory' are always tagged along - under list resources, this enhancement might need some code level changes i suppose, but yup nothing is impossible for SolarWinds 🙂

It's for the view..that is easier to play around with restrictions...
This is more on alerting...yes those are tagged in list resources as together and hence it becomes a challenge...will submit a feature request.
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The way we handle this at my company is using custom properties tied to specific alert categories. So for example there is a node custom property for alerts_cpu and our cpu alerts checks to make sure it's not empty. Likewise for alerts_memory, alerts_responsetime, alerts_diskspace, etc. That way the server owners can just set the custom property and effectively subscribe to whatever alerts they want.
- Marc Netterfield, Github

Yes custom properties are there but it becomes difficult when there are multiple requirements and it will conflict with each other...
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