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Level 9

Older Application Monitor keeps re-installing

The old Application Monitor (AM) refuses to go away!

After our upgrade to Orion V9, all the elements including the service, Orion website tab, and other elements re-appeared….running right along side the newer Application Performance Monitor (APM).


Solarwinds support….can you please publish an uninstaller or specific directions on how to totally cleanout the older version of Application Monitor.


I want to keep APM and banish AM. 

Note:  I originally used the add/remove programs to uninstall Application Monitor.  That seemed to work just fine, but afterword the website tab was still there.  So, I went into inetpub and deleted every APMON folder I could find.  That appeared to make the Application Monitor go away….but after I installed Orion version 9 today and ran the config wizard, Application Monitor came back.

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Level 9

I fixed my problem by doing the following.

1.  Found the last full install .EXE of AM and re-ran it.

2.  It detected it was still installed and presented me with three option, re-install, repair, or uninstall.

3.  I chose uninstall and it cleaned up the whole mess.

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Level 17

 Seems like you have done the correct steps-

see this thread for suggestions- be sure and run the config. wizard after deleting the instances in the inetpub to rebuild the website

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