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Level 7

No Admin bar in Orion Webpage


 Just installed orion NPM 8.5.1 SP3, also installed is APM SP3.

It was working ok, but then I had problem that I could not access Application Details in APM webpage.

When trying I got the message: "Orion website error"  "You must be an Admin to access this page" 

I changed settings for the Admin account to fix that, but now the Admin Menuoption has disappeared all together.

When I try to access: http://servername/orion/admin

I get an error: "Orion website error"  "You must be an Admin to access this page" 

In addition the Applications that I created the templates for in APM do not work anymore.

When I look at a Monitor I created it says: "Scheduler not responding"

Any help would be appreciated.

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Level 17

 Try re-running the website portion of the Configuration Wizard. You might also need to reset the admin privileges from within the DB Mgr-> Accounts Table- Account Enabled for Admin should be "Y"

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Thanks for that tip. I had to change the MenuName to Admin. It was set to default.

No that is fixed.

Thing still remaining in APM that some Templates I created for Apps are not workign anymore.

Error: Scheduler not responding for almost all Monitor types.

It seems when I recreate, they work again.


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