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New bugs in latest release, 2020.2.1

Just trying to get Solarwinds technical support team to acknowledge this.  I emailed them, and it has logged a ticket in my name.

The problem was discovered by haydn.barradel, and it's not alerts, but Powershell monitor output, but seems to affect both.

In Alerts it's easy to see that HTML tags, like "<" are being replaced by "&lt" - probably some Java string issue.  If you take that HTML and return it to it's original format, by replacing "&lt" with "<" then it should work, but what a hassle.

Case is now In Progress, but no email from Technical Support yet.   This is a very easy bug for them to confirm, so no need for endless logs and diagnostics, and I don't intend to spend all day helping Solarwinds bug hunt.  I have the old version (2020.2) in production, and a trial/test version of 2020.2.1 so can see the difference.

Has anybody discovered any other major flaws in the nice new maintenance release?   I had been hoping to upgrade now but I'm going to put it off as this has made me think twice.  Very eager to fix the Powershell monitor problems, the duplicating component monitors (occasionally) when you edit templates (I always stick to Chrome now), and various other buggettes in 2020.2.


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HTML in 2020.2.1 has been disabled due to a security issue, this seems to affect Alerts, but is confirmed as disabled for script monitors.

"HTML formatting is no longer supported for scripts monitor due to some security reasons

HTML formatting is under feature request to restore in a better way." - from support.

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I have logged a support case. i had some customer powershell monitoring checking a file. when i upgraded they started failing as soon as the upgrade was complete. Theyd been healthy since before that for many months. my script runs locally on the app server as a windows service account and connects to a remote file share to confirm a file exists.

Since the upgrade it is in a state of down because it cant use those credentials properly. But because it is custom they have said it is not something tech support looks at and havent shared the DLL's to attempt the fix which worked for everyone else.

i am going to have to rebuild all of the production powershell scripts we have if it isnt resolved soon. 

I am on 2020.2 HF2, so wont be upgrading to this unless there is assurances of the powershell bug being resolved.


Every other aspect of the upgrade has been so much better than previously, very frustrating that a support article hasnt been published when it is clearly affecting multiple people and companies. 


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We have been seeing the same issue. We have not opened a case with SolarWinds.

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@jonathanswift  Thank you for sharing the details, I will discuss this ticket with support and engineering and update you here.

@shadowcatz If you could when possible log that with support so that we have additional references to help understand this problem. 


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I have already written on this topic elsewhere.  Change came in with 2020.2.  Broke a lot of my monitors - and actually they are still broken as I still need to handle the rendering with some javascript.  Had I realised I would have avoided the upgrade as long as possible.

I was assured by support there is a 'feature request' logged to get HTML back - but with the XSS vulnerability (apparently the reason HTML was nixed) still dealt with.  This is logged internally so I could not see the details - only take the word of Support.

Most of my SAM monitors use HTML in some form - html tables being the most common.

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