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Nested Menus

Hi All,

Question: is it possible to create nested menus in the Solarwinds console?

Background: in the IT operation that I support we have a large number of Perfstack projects created for the operational teams (Active Directory and Exchange).

Working with the new features that permits sharing a Perstack project and then incorporating that URL into a menu item.

So far so good. Next step: I want to create a menu item under My Dashboards >> Applications and call it 'Perfstack Projects'.  I would like to then place my 20+ projects under the sub-menu for the operations teams to access.

I have poked around the online documentation and 'manage menu' facility, but I don't see a way to create a nested menu.

Can someone advise if it is possible to create nested menus in the Solarwinds console? If there is a good document out there I'm willing to do some reading.

Thanks in advance for your help.

P.S. I have posted this to the SAM forum.  Understood that the question has to do with menu building in general, not necessarily SAM specific.  Let me know if this question should be posed on a different forum.

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So using the built in tools what many people do in a circumstance like this is just add a page that acts as a sort of Table of Contents with and html resource and a lot of links. The downside is that is pretty tedious to set up and is not dynamic.

Stepping into a more advanced solution you can come up with a swql resource that includes all the links you need and use the _linkfor_ function (just search thwack and you'll see a million examples).  If you set this up right it would be dynamic and automatically add links every time you save a new perfstack dashboard.  I do this kind of thing with links to dashboards all the time, but havent written a version to look at the perfstack things yet.  You could try and rework this query for your purposes or I'll get around to it eventually.

SELECT case when viewgroupname is null or viewgroupname = '' then v.ViewTitle else v.ViewGroupName end as [View], ('/Orion/SummaryView.aspx?netobject=&ViewID=' + ToString(v.ViewID)) AS [_LinkFor_View]

FROM Orion.Views v

where --come up with whatever conditions make sense for your situation by looking at orion.views in swql studio

viewtype like  'summary'

and (viewgroupposition =1 or viewgrouposition = 0)

and v.viewgroupname like 'Dashboard - %'

- Marc Netterfield, Github