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Needing ALL conditions in order to trigger the alert.

I have a situation where I am befuddled and confused.. by..

I have create an template. that has a file age, and a file count monitor. (both are standard Orion monitors)

I wanted to create an alert based on a file being xx hours old and have at least NN files in the directory.

when i created the alert it will not trigger.. i was told by a support that Orion has bug that will not allow us to monitor two components with both or ALL being in the primary condition..

ie ;

Trigger the alert when ALL the following apply

Trigger the alert when ALL the following apply
Component name = file age
Component status = Warning

Trigger the alert when ALL the following apply
component name = file count
component status = warning

I can see on the nodes page where both the age and the count components are in warming state and the alert will not kick off.

I was told this is because of the top trigger being set to all.. is this true.. Orion can’t do a basic.. double lookup?

any help?

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Product Manager
Product Manager

This doesn't appear to be a bug but more a feature limitation. I set this up in my lab and sure enough it doesn't work. The "why" however is not as cut and dry as support may have lead you to believe. While you can certainly configure a working advanced alert that contains multiple matching criteria such as "high CPU load AND high Memory utilization" the Advanced Alert property APM:Component has no tie or association to a node because component monitors in a single advanced alert could span multiple nodes. Here in lies the rub. Because the APM component is not not associated to a node, the "object name" it's associated to is the component monitor itself and you cannot configure a single alert that spans multiple objects. 

Below is a "Node" property example of the same limitation. In this case this alert trigger is "True". Both nodes listed are currently "up" but the alert will not fire because there are two "object names" that this alert could be associated with.


So while I will concede this this a feature limitation, this is not a bug in the conventional sense of the word.

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Thank you for the confirmation.. I will have to go with setting up groups for each node where I have multiple components that i need to monitor..

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