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NPM, SAM, WPM...Single Server or Separate

We are a large deployment environment.  Because of this, we are leaning towards putting NPM, SAM and WPM on separate servers as opposed to one.  Some of the comments in the forums have users going both ways.  Are there any other large deployment users out there that could tell me what they did?


Scott (sabtampa)

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Level 8

We have NPM, SAM, Virtual Infrastructure Monitor (unlimited nodes) on the same host, with the DB on a second server.  The DB also provides database services for NCM and IP Address tracker.  We ordered a second poller because we are running at 110%--we brought it down from 140% because of odd issues.  It runs fine otherwise.

I read a post about limiting the amount of information displayed as a way of improving response, and found it did.

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Do you separate the Solarwinds Network Monitoring components due to Licensing reason or just purely performance?
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Have you updated to the latest versions of NPM & SAM and they still co-exist with no issues on the same server host?  If so, what OS is on this server?  Thanks in advance.

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