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NOC view - SAM 2020.2

Hi All,

I created a NOC view of my complete infrastructure, I want to create some sub tabs on the left hand side bar but it does not seem to be possible to use the view limitation per sub page.

I want to use this view limitation to use the groups to only show details about nodes in that group , the view limitation seems only possible at the main NOC view including al sub pages.

To clarify , the idea is to have something like this

NOC (showing complete infrastructure overview)

- Sub page only showing file server details

- Sub page only showing DC details


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Product Manager
Product Manager

would you be interested in sharing scrubbed screenshots of the views you're looking to display in this fashion? This would be helpful for us to make sure we're considering all options for you to get the view you're looking for. 

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This is not currently possible. I think this is the most relevant feature request:

The current workaround is to use resources that have an EDIT button and a SQL/SWQL filter. Each resource is then configured with a filter for that sub-view. Unfortunately this means you can't use particular resources like Hardware Health or Application Health pie charts as they don't have a filter option.

EDIT: I haven't read that thread in a while - someone proposes an alternative solution in the thread where they create separate views and embed them into the sub-views using custom HTML.

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Looks like this is still not available , most topics requesting a solutions as mine are already a few years old.

It's a pity that something like this is still not possible , seems to be rather basic for a layout, trying to create an easy monitoring and navigation solution.

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If you have the appetite for DIY in SQL you can just create the limitations you want and assign them to the tabs themselves directly in SQL.  It's not really a limitation of the tool that it can't have different filters for different tabs, its just the way it was implemented in the GUI. 

Every time you create a limitation it adds a row to the limitations table that describes how it should work and gives it a limitationid, then on the views page you just set that limitationid into the limitationid column.  Done.  I've used that method myself many times over the years.

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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