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Monitoring "Services" in Red Hat Linux?

I manage a few Red Hat servers. They manage a series of services, such as autofs, crond, httpd, postfix...

I'd like to use SAM to check the status of these services. They don't always map one-to-one with running processes, so it'd be really cool to ask SAM if, say, the "network" service was in the "running" state. I can check that on the command line with "service network status."

How in the wide world of SAM can / should I monitor Services in a repeatable, "best practice" sort of way?

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I know it's been several years, but I came across this question after a co-worker asked me the same thing. I decided to write a couple of monitors based on the Linux/Unix Script template. One is for RHEL/CentOS 4/5/6 and uses the "service" command. The other is for RHEL/CentOS 7 and uses the "systemctl" command. Just added them to the Content Exchange Upload.

Thanks for this!   I'm using the CentOS 7 template and it works great.   Just wanted to give you kudos but also point out that in your post here, your links are reversed.

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Linux service state information is not made available via Linux's SNMP MIBs. This service state information would need to be obtained using a Linux/Unix Script Monitor, calling the "service network status" command referenced above and parsing the output. If scripting isn't your forte, you can ask members of the community for assistance in the Script Lab.