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Monitoring and alerting for Solarwinds Orion server deployment?


I wanted to know how can we get some alerting or report if our Solarwinds Orion Platform v2020 is having some issue.

Does the SAM component will email us when it is having some issues or not working.
So in other words, how can I monitor the monitoring systems and get some alerting / warning when there is issue.

Thank you in advance.

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@TimWhite_LC2 Yes, if your other instances have SAM you can use the Orion template to monitor each instance.

  • if they are in the same network but in remote locations, you could try using WMI polling remotely (WinRM/DCOM/RPC)
  • or alternatively as you have noted, as the agent can only communicate with one instance you point the local agent to a remote instance
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Hi @neomatrix1217 

Sorry to hi-jack the this post, but it seems silly to start a fresh one and my question may well help @itengineer .

I won't be having the SW HA solution, but I will have a couple of separate SW instances (albeit pushing close to the latency boundary).
Would it be possible to use the template you detailed
from so that each instance could monitor the other?

I'm thinking that if it is possible, we would need to manually configure the agents on each Orion server so that they aren't talking to the local server.

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@neomatrix1217thank you for the pointer.

I guess, there is no way to monitor it without consuming the SAM AL license.

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