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Level 11

Monitoring a Service in Windows or Linux at hang state

Hi, Guys..

Is there a way to monitor a Windows or Linux service at hang state in SAM?

Is there a template we can use for this?  Please advise.

Appreciate your response. Thank you.

Kind Regards,


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Level 12

Can you not just use the normal Service Monitor but within the alert look to use "is not status 'UP'" as this will report if it is in a stopping state.

For a specific Hang where it looks like its running, can you not check the process monitor and use that?

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Level 8

I don't know if there's a generic method one can use - if a service is running with normal resource consumption & reporting its status as healthy, then unless you perform an action that actually utilises it how are you to know?

A custom script monitor that performs an action utilising the service might be the way to go. If your service is a common one then there might already be something on thwack.

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Level 9

Nice question!

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