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Monitoring Specific RabbitMQ Queues

Hi All

I have a request from a client to monitor specific RabbitMQ Queues on Linux and alert if these queues breach a certain threshold.  I managed to find the query on here to do this on Linux but I am unable to parse this through Orion with the correct format.

My query looks as follow:

sudo rabbitmqctl list_queues | grep -w '.*trackmatic.*' | tr "\t" "," | sed "s/\./_/g" | sed '1d;$d' | awk -F, '{printf "Statistic.%s: %s\n", $1, $2 }'

How would I go about to parse this with a script in Orion using the Linux / Unix Script Monitor 

Thank You 





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That is the command that needs to run on the linux server and the output needs to be returned to Orion.

You could build an executable script on the linux server that issues that command.  That script is run via ssh from Orion so that you are not having to push a script at every execution.

Great, thank you for the suggestion 

I managed to get it in a executrable script i.e a .sh file and it works on the server if I execute it. 

How do I go about in setting it up in Orion. If  I try with a new Application Template - > Linux Script Monitor it still wants a script 

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Inside the SAM Linux Script Monitor, input something like "bash".
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Thank You 

I am not winning here. What would be the syntax in terms of the exit codes?

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